Design and development ideas will be an important reference direction for subsequent vehicle development


Since the lower cross-beam structure is changed to a closed cross-section structure, the X-direction structure is mainly changed, which can explain the significant changes in the X-direction dynamic stiffness in the simulation test. A connecting plate is added to form a small triangle-like structure between the lower crossbeam of the radiator, the left (right) column and the connecting plate, so that the stability of the radiator frame structure is improved, and the rigidity is improved. This triangular structure has an effect on the dynamic stiffness of the radiator in the Y and Z directions. However, since the two triangular structures in the Y direction are symmetrical, the effects may cancel each other out, while the two triangles in the Z direction produce The effects are consistent, which may result in superposition. As a result, in the test results, the dynamic stiffness in the Z direction changes significantly, while the stiffness in the Y direction is almost unchanged. However, judging from the overall test results, the stiffness of the improved radiator frame will be improved, and the dynamic stiffness of each installation point will also be improved. Further test verification needs to be verified by real vehicles. In addition, in order to improve the test success of the actual vehicle and reduce the test cost, according to the research methods and ideas of this article, in the subsequent test verification, a more solid and reliable triangular auxiliary structure can be formed by increasing the size of the connecting plate, and at the same time increasing the connection The number of plates (at the upper beam) and other reference methods are used to further simulate and verify the dynamic stiffness performance of each installation point.

Prediction, cause analysis and optimization design process description of the problem of insufficient rigidity of the engine room radiator frame of a certain model, borrowing the actual vehicle test results of the old model to analyze the possible problems of the new model, and combining the CAE finite element analysis method in the design stage, it can be very good Predict the possible problems of new models in a timely manner, so that corresponding measures can be taken to improve during the body design stage, which shortens the production development cycle for the development of new models, saves production resources and improves production efficiency. Therefore, the design and development ideas in this way will be an important reference direction for subsequent vehicle development.

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