Connector accessories

Connector accessories are the base components of any connector system. Typically there are the base contacts, sockets and plugs for male-female unions, back shell components, insulation, seals, etc.
Contacts are the conductive portion of connectors that create an electrical continuity between the two halves of the connector union. They are usually form of a metal pin on one-half and metal socket on the other that create a strong friction bond when the connector is placed together. These contacts are usually crimped or soldered to adjoining wires which creates a permanent bond between them. Firm contact is usually achieved by a spring effect in the pins or merely a tightly fitting socket. 
When the contacts are melded with the wiring, they are then placed in an insulation of some kind, usually a plastic which both provides the support and durability of the connector but also prevents short circuits or circuit paths outside of the desired contact path. Often there is a seal placed on the male or female connector to prevent elements from contaminating the contacts. Backshells are custom made for certain connectors and consist of adapters, additional seals, shrink tubing, and wire support and stress relief.
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