Coke Crate Mould

Coke crates are common in everyday life and are mostly used in the transportation industry. For customers who want to start the Coke Crate project, we can also provide with the Coke crate injection molding production line – Custom Design Injection Molding Line Set Up.


Coke box mold generally adopts HDPE material with high bearing capacity and good toughness, because the mold production requirements are relatively high, so the quality and precision of the mold must be high.


The following points should be paid attention to when making coke box molds:

1.At the time of design, the Coke box mold must be adjusted with wear blocks, otherwise there will be problems with product eccentricity, which is not conducive to product molding and affect mold life. And the core insert of the Coke box mold is to have a interlock fix core insert, which must do well foundation during processing.


2.When the Coke box mold is tested, there will be a trapping problem at the side handle. Therefore, we add the venting insert to the handle of the Coke box mold, which will solve the problem.


3.The problem of demoulding. If the polishing is not paid attention to, in the mold testing, the side of the coke box will be damaged, so after the completion of the processing, it must follow the direction of demoulding manual base and then polishing, so as to ensure that the product can successfully demoulding.


4.At the four corners, the BeCu material is usually added to increase the cooling speed, which can greatly shorten the molding cycle of the Coke box.        


If you do the above four points, the Coke box mold will be half successful. We hope these can help you, welcome to contact us.


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