Cnc Turning Kit And Slot

Set grooves on the part.

  • 1. It is convenient for follow-up processing such as thread undercutting and grinding overtravel grooves on lathes.
  • 2. Ensure the axial positioning accuracy of the parts in the assembly such as the shoulder groove.
  • 3. T-shaped groove and dovetail groove can move and fix freely.
  • 4. Set different types of lubrication grooves on the mating surfaces that move with each other, and set seals and dust-proof grooves to seal or prevent dust

The trough structure includes rectangular trough, forming trough, chute trough and end trough.

According to the groove part, it can be divided into outer groove and inner groove.

Rectangular groove cutting: When turning rectangular grooves, the shape and installation method of the grooving knife are generally similar to the shape and installation method of the cutter. It also has two symmetrical tool tips, secondary deflection angle and secondary clearance, and the main cutting edge is parallel to the axis of the workpiece.

The basic method of cutting rectangular grooves is:

  • 1) When cutting a narrow rectangular groove, the width of the main cutting edge is equal to the groove width, the length of the cutter head is slightly larger than the groove depth, and the turning tool enters and exits in a straight line.
  • 2) Rotate the wide rectangular groove, split the boring tool several times with a narrow groove knife, leaving a margin on the bottom and sides of the groove.

Cutting of forming grooves: forming grooves include arc grooves, trapezoidal grooves, etc.

  • 1) Use narrow arc grooves or trapezoidal grooves to grind the rim blade into the same shape and size as the forming groove to make the vehicle feed horizontally.
  • 2) The wide and deep forming groove, especially the groove of the inner hole, is restricted by the rigidity of the turning tool.

There are two ways to do this.

  • 1> Cut in two steps. The grooving knife is often used to make straight grooves, which are rotated and formed with a forming knife.
  • 2> Left or right sickle or oblique feed.

If the lathe is very wide and deep, you can move the center slider while swinging the small slide, so that the rotating tool can be moved left and right to form a left and right boring tool for single-sided cutting. Or, while feeding the center slider laterally, shake the small slider to feed the rotating tool diagonally in one direction and one direction. After a rough car, the balance still exists and the car is used to that size.

Bevel groove:

The oblique groove is an over-limit groove that simultaneously grinds the cylindrical surface and the end surface, and an empty knife is formed on the cylindrical surface and the end surface.

The chute is straight and circular, with a typical slope of 45. The lathe grooving tool has the characteristics of the inner hole turning tool, and it must be ground to the corresponding arc back angle according to the size of the grooving arc.
When cutting, turn the small slider to 450 degrees, and then use the small slider to cut.

Cutting surface groove:

The groove tool used to cut the face groove has the comprehensive performance of the inner and outer hole turning tool. Two cutting edges, inner edge and outer edge. One corresponds to the outer turning tool and the other corresponds to the inner turning tool. Therefore, the lathe must be determined according to its respective cutting characteristics. Sharpen the grooving knife.

(1) The shape of the straight groove cutter on the end face of the vehicle straight end face.

The outer edge of the lathe tool. It is the same as rotating the inner hole. Therefore, the back of the pair must be ground according to the size of the arc of the end surface, and the corresponding arc-shaped secondary back angle R must be ground so that the back does not collide with the outer groove surface.

(2) T-slot of the T-slot track.

It is applied in 3 steps using 3 rotating tools.

  • 1) Use the straight groove cutter on the end face to feed the knife vertically. Turn the straight-end groove.
  • 2) Use the right slotting tool on the elbow instead of the straight hole on the car. Turn the outer groove.
  • 3) Screw the grooving knife into the groove on the left with an elbow.

(3) The processing procedure and method of the dovetail groove of the car dovetail butterfly groove are basically the same as the cutting method of the T groove.

It also uses 3 rotating knives in 3 steps. That is, after the straight groove on the end face is rotated, the dovetail groove is formed by the left and right bevel forming knife.

When rotating T-slots and dovetail grooves, the rotating outer cutting edge must also be sharpened according to the principle of the inner hole of the rotating tool.

The lathe is also limited by the width of the straight groove on the end face. The left and right elbow grooving knives and the left and right inclined forming knives are thinner, and the cutter head strength is low, so it is necessary to appropriately reduce the feed rate and observe the chip removal situation at any time.
When using high-speed steel turning tools, the lathe must be slowed down and filled with cutting fluid.

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