CNC precision plus mechanics, what should you pay attention to before operation?

First, CNC precision machining machine maintenance
1. Clean and maintain the machine tool half an hour before going to work. If you use air guns or oil guns to clean the chips, there must be a knife on the spindle.
2. It is forbidden to blow the spindle taper hole with air gun or oil gun to prevent small particles such as chips from being blown into the spindle hole, which affects the cleanliness of the spindle.
3. Check if the lubrication machine is working normally, if the lubricating oil is sufficient, and start up in the normal order.
4. Start the spindle (speed 501R/M) before the machine is officially working to preheat the spindle.
Second, CNC precision machining machine operation
1. Check the model, size and machining allowance of the processed blank before the machine is checked and sand the sand.
2. After the machine is on, confirm the position of the workpiece, and the processing sequence, complete the comparison
3. If you need to divide the middle rod, the speed will be 501R/M. If the speed is divided by the knife, it depends on the tool. In this process, you should also pay attention to the same height to ensure the number. The accuracy of the points can be checked by "G0 G54 X0 Y0" after the end of the score.
4. Check before the formal processing to confirm the position of the workpiece and whether the number is correct.
Third, the CNC precautions during precision machining
1. Before each program is processed, it is necessary to strictly confirm whether the tool is consistent with the program.
2. When installing the knife, confirm the length of the tool and whether the selected cutter head is suitable.
3. Keep the same area in the same workpiece for each tool to ensure the accuracy of the tool when it is connected.
4. Try to use air blowing in the roughing procedure, and spray in the light knife program.
5. Before the light knife is sprayed, the aluminum slag in the machine tool should be cleaned to prevent the aluminum slag from sucking oil.
6. In the CNC precision machining self-operation, the operator must not leave the machine or periodically check the operation status of the machine. If you need to leave in the middle, you must specify the relevant personnel to check.
7. If too much machining allowance is found during the machining process, you must use the "single section" or "pause" to clear the X, Y, and Z values and manually mill them off and then shake them back to "zero point" to let them run
8. If the knife is found during the machining process, the operator must stop immediately, such as pressing the "emergency stop" button or the "reset button" button or turning the "feed rate" to zero.
9. It is forbidden to open the door during the operation of the machine to avoid flying the knife or flying the workpiece.
10. After the workpiece is dismounted, it must be cleaned and deburred in time.
11. When leaving work, the operator must make timely and accurate handover to ensure that the subsequent processing can be carried out normally.
12. Before shutting down, ensure that the tool magazine is in the original position, and the XYZ axis stops at the center position, and then turn off the power and total power on the machine operation panel.
13. When you encounter a thunderstorm, you must immediately cut off the power and stop working.
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