Cnc machining machine coordinate direction discrimination rule

In order to simplify the method of programming cnc processing and to ensure the interchangeability of recorded data. The naming of the coordinates and direction of the cnc machine tool has been formulated internationally very early. In 1982, China formulated the JB3051—82 “Nomenclature of CNC Machine Tool Coordinates and Directions of Movement” standard.
In the cnc processing standard, the coordinate system of the machine tool is named by the right-handed Cartesian coordinate system. Use X, Y, Z to represent the linear feed axis, and the relationship between the X, Y, and Z axes is determined by the right-hand rule:The circular feed axes around the X, Y, and Z axes are represented by A, B, and C, respectively, and the directions of +A, +B, and +C are determined according to the right-handed screw rule.The feed motion of the cnc machine tool is realized by the spindle moving the tool motion, and some by the workbench carrying the workpiece motion. Usually during programming, regardless of whether the machine is moving in the machining or moving the workpiece, the workpiece is assumed to be relatively stationary, while the tool is moving, and the direction of the tool away from the workpiece is specified as the positive Z-axis of the coordinate. Coincident with the axis of the spindle, the direction of the tool away from the workpiece is the positive direction (+Z); the X axis is perpendicular to the Z axis and parallel to the loading surface of the workpiece. If it is a single column milling machine, facing the main axial column of the tool, The direction of its right motion is the positive direction of the X-axis (+X); the Y-axis can be determined by the right-hand rule according to the selected X-axis and Z-axis.

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