CNC machining fourth axis fixture fixture automatic fixture

The four-axis tooling fixture of the domestic cnc machining center combines the hydraulic clamping stability with the fourth axis in the design, which can meet the customer's processing requirements for larger and higher parts. The tooling can also achieve fast clamping and automatic clamping. Since the hydraulic pressure can achieve strong clamping, the stability is very good when the workpiece is clamped, and the occurrence of the vibration knife is avoided.

The structural characteristics of the four axes of the CNC machining center are selected;
A. The high-precision indexing plate consisting of aluminum-nickel, bronze worm gear, hardened steel worm, precision bearing, etc. This combination can maintain precise and long-term use of segmentation accuracy;
B. Double lead, double Palin design, heavy duty cutting;
C. The disc surface is integrated with the main shaft and has good rigidity;
D. Fast speed, 90:1 gear ratio, in line with the current high-speed machine tool;
E. The large hole design allows the workpiece to penetrate directly into the spindle for cost savings.
Double-lead worm gear with aluminum-nickel and bronze precision grade 5 and worm with precision grade 5 after carburizing and hardening, high-rigidity precision-diameter axial bearing, multi-disc type disc brake locking mechanism, etc. The assembled fourth-axis rotary table has the characteristics of precision, rigidity, high wear-resistance, no need to adjust the gap within 2 years, and is suitable for high-speed and heavy cutting.
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