CNC machining flow chart in CNC machining process

The cnc in cnc machining means "computer data control" is simply "CNC machining". The English of CNC machining is the abbreviation of Computer Numberical Control, which is also called "computer 锣". Cnc processing is an automated processing method with high efficiency, high precision and high flexibility. The cnc machining is to input the numerical control program of the workpiece to the machine tool, and the machine tool automatically processes the workpiece according to people's wishes under the control of these data to create a wonderful product. CNC machining is an advanced processing technology in today's machine manufacturing, and it is a technology that can turn an artist's imagination into a reality. CNC machining technology can effectively solve complex, precise and small batches of processing problems like molds, fully adapting to the needs of modern production.
CNC machining flow chart in CNC machining process: CNC machining process is based on production needs. After opening, some small parts such as accessories can be punched and then cut or CNC processed. This is a lot in the production of eyeglass accessories auto parts. The container is made by pressing the punch after the punching, and then spraying after sanding, and then assembling the accessories can be shipped. For small accessories, there are still many polished surfaces, electroplating or fuel injection. Then solder or screw assembly and shipping.
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