Cnc computer numerical control machining technology

First, the process analysis of the part blank selection bar material, using rough processing, finishing process program, the specific process is as follows: blank → rough car → rough milling → aging → fine car → fine milling. Roughing: Reserve 1.5mm finishing allowance on the outer and end faces, and pre-drill the center hole. Rough milling: Reserve a margin of 1.5mm on the side and bottom of the cavity, and pre-drill the process hole at the hole position of φ12mm. Aging: remove material and processing stress. Finishing car: Finishing end face, outer circle and 镗6mm process hole, it is required to complete the clamping once, in order to ensure the coaxiality and lay a good foundation for the subsequent processing. Finishing: ensuring the final requirements of the part is the focus of this article.
    1 Rough milling cavity roughing is mainly to remove the large margin, and lay the foundation for the subsequent finishing, so when processing the cavity, choose low-cost ordinary digital control cnc machining milling machine processing. The process requires that the inner contour be machined according to the part structure diagram shown, the arc corner is R5mm, and the finishing allowance is uniform, which is 1.5mm. Moreover, in this process, it is necessary to pre-process the positioning holes required for finishing in the hole position of φ12 mm.
    2 High-speed machining technology for finishing milling cavity is a manufacturing technology applied in recent years. In high-speed machining, the cutting force is small, the machining deformation of the parts can be reduced, and it is suitable for thin-walled parts, and the chips are cut off in a short time. Most of the cutting heat is carried away by the chips, and the workpiece is thermally deformed. Small, it is conducive to ensure the size and shape accuracy of the parts; high-speed machining can obtain high surface quality, and the processing cycle is also greatly shortened. Therefore, in combination with the characteristics of such thin-walled disk parts, high-speed machining is used for finishing the cavity.
    3 Machining of the positioning hole This part is finished with the center hole φ6mm and φ12mm hole as the positioning hole, so the cavity must be machined into place before finishing the cavity. The center hole φ6mm is honed to φ6H8 when the outer circle of the turning precision car is φ301.5mm; the φ12mm hole is drilled by the digitally controlled CNC machining milling machine and hinged to φ12H8.

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