Causes of mold rupture during metal stamping

Mold cracking during metal stamping is a very common condition, but at a more serious time, the stencil suddenly split into several pieces. Perhaps there are many situations that can cause cracks in your template. From the selection of Stamping Die raw materials to the process of stamping work, it can cause damage. The reasons for die cracking during metal stamping are as follows:

1. Inappropriate blanking

There is no degaussing solution and return tip during mold making. There are clogged materials such as broken needles and broken yellow during manufacturing. When assembling the mold, there are no material leaks, rolling clogging, or step clogging. This is the most common. This situation is most likely to occur if you are not careful when assembling, such as when there are many blanking holes or when the mold has protective cushions.

2. Inappropriate design process

The compressive strength of the mold is insufficient, the scratches are too close together, the mold design is not scientific, and the number of template blocks is insufficient.

3. Quenching and tempering: Deformation due to inadequate heat treatment and quenching process

In actual experience, the heat treatment quality of the mold is very detrimental to the properties and life of the mold. From the analysis of the statistical analysis of mold invalidity, it is known that “safety accidents” caused by thermal negligence of molds account for about 40%.

4. Inappropriate die cutting

Wire cuts hanging on the ground, wire cut gaps solve the error and do not harm the angle of the wire cut and the moldy layer. Most of the tooth surface of the stamping die is wire-cut.
Due to the thermoelectric effect and electrolysis effect of the wire cutting process, the surface layer of mold making needs to create a thick moldy layer, which reduces the strength of the surface layer and causes microscopic cracks. .. Stamping dies that cause wire cutting are susceptible to initial damage, which immediately puts the maintenance of the die’s cold stamping gap at risk, making the tooth surface very easy to scrape and shortening the life of the die. Therefore, in the online cutting process, effective electrical standards should be selected to avoid as much as possible the deep layers of the moldy layer.

5. Insufficient pressing force of high speed punching machine equipment

The tonnage of the fast punch is small, the pressure of the cold punch is insufficient, and the die adjustment may be too deep. The accuracy and stiffness of stamping machines (such as stamping machines) is very important because it reduces the life of the stamping die. The accuracy and rigidity of the stamping machine tool is good, and the life of the stamping die is greatly extended. For example, the raw material for complex ferrite core stamping dies is Crl2MoV, which is applied to common open punching machines and has an average regrind life of 1-3 million times. A new precision stamping machine application, the stamping die has a lifespan of 60 to 12,000 times.

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