Cars with complex shapes and high-performance copper radiators have many difficulties

Traditional radiators have good heat dissipation performance, but they also have serious shortcomings. First of all, they are bulky. At present, automobile manufacturers all over the world are trying to reduce its weight. Secondly, lead is a toxic substance, which can cause harm to radiator repair workers and must be protected by a special exhaust device. Third, solder is corrosive. This high temperature corrosion forms a frost-like substance on the top of the radiator tube on the side of the water inlet, which blocks the water tube and affects the performance of the radiator (white deposits can be seen at the water inlet and neck). The solution to this problem is to add a set of complicated equipment (use a special cleaning agent or send it to a special cleaning radiator to remove the deposits). *Later, the quality of the solder joints deteriorates, which affects the sealing between the radiator tube and the water storage tank board, water storage tank board, and water storage tank shell, resulting in leakage of the radiator.

With the continuous increase of new models of automobile manufacturers, it is difficult to produce copper radiators with complex shapes and high performance that are suitable for these automobiles. The new radiator has an improved radiator. This kind of radiator uses a plastic water tank, which is sealed with a synthetic rubber gasket. Flange the edge of the water storage tank with a metal belt with joints and press it tightly. The plastic water storage tank is light in weight. Although it is expensive for low-volume production, it is cheap for mass production, and plastic products help to make all kinds of shapes required. The plastic water storage tank is sealed with a rubber lining, no solder is needed, and the gasket can be replaced when the seal is poor, without a set of welding equipment. Aluminum radiators using plastic storage tanks are an improvement. There are usually two methods for assembling aluminum radiators: one is purely mechanical assembly, in which holes are drilled on the water storage tank board, and the water pipes are inserted into the holes to fit tightly; Brazing in vacuum or atmosphere. Lead-based solder is not used in these two sealing processes.

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