Cars need regular oil changes

For car oil replacement maintenance, many car owners use the periodic table provided by the car manufacturer to change the oil in the repair shop of the 4S shop. So, why do you need to change the oil regularly?

The importance of oil change

Engine oil is as important to the engine as blood is to the heart. The oil contains a variety of additives, which can effectively protect the important moving parts of the engine and ensure the normal operation of the engine.

Lubrication: The main function of engine oil* is to lubricate. It can form an oil film on the surface of the metal parts of the engine and reduce the wear of the metal surface.

Clean: Decompose the sludge and deposits generated during the use of the engine, and keep the inside of the engine clean.

Anti-rust: Neutralize the acidified substances produced during use in the engine, and form an anti-rust and anti-corrosion layer to prevent metal parts from rusting and corroding due to oxidation.

Sealing: Seal the gap between the piston and the cylinder block, so that the fuel is fully burned, and the fuel efficiency is improved.

Cooling: Disperse the high temperature generated by engine abrasion and protect all parts of the engine.

During the action of lubricating oil, additives are gradually consumed. Pollutants produced by combustion are mixed with engine oil to produce sludge and deposits. Over time, these dirt will not only accelerate engine wear, but also cause engine rusting, corrosion, and poor heat dissipation. as a result of. Therefore, timely replacement of engine oil is the best care for the engine.

oil change cycle

When buying a car, the car manufacturer will give a car maintenance manual with the car. The manual lists the oil change mileage of the vehicle, that is, the oil change interval. Most cars are 5,000-10,000 kilometers. Generally, the oil should be changed when the specified oil change mileage is reached. For some high-end vehicles, an oil change prompt will appear in the car when the oil change mileage is reached.

In actual driving, road conditions, vehicle conditions, and oil quality will all affect the oil change interval. If you drive in the urban area for a long time, the car will stop and start frequently, which will aggravate the engine wear and accelerate the oil pollution, so the oil change interval must be shortened.

Owners can check the oil condition of their car regularly. Dip a little oil on the finger with a dipstick. If the oil is black, very thin, and contains grit, it means that the oil at this time has deteriorated and must be replaced immediately.

Replace the oil and replace the three filters

The function of the machine filter is to filter various impurities in the oil to prevent the impurities from causing abrasion to the engine. If the machine filter is not replaced for a long time, the machine filter will be partially blocked due to dirt, and the pollutants will flow directly into the engine, increasing the wear of the machine parts; Only replace the engine oil without replacing the engine filter. The contaminated engine oil remaining in the old engine filter will re-circulate in the engine oil. Therefore, experts emphasize that the engine filter should be replaced every time the oil is changed.

In addition to the regular replacement of the engine filter, the gasoline filter (steam filter) and air filter (air filter) must also be replaced regularly. The general replacement standard is to replace the steam filter every 20,000 kilometers and every 10,000 kilometers. Replace the air filter.

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