Carry out quality analysis on purchased auto parts

Intuitively analyze the process level of the production plant through the product, go to the production plant to understand whether the process, tooling, equipment, technical force and quality assurance system are sound or not, or analyze the product quality of the plant by collecting data and information, and pass the company’s Inspection methods, random inspection of some items according to the requirements of the drawings. price. The price of auto parts is a sensitive issue. When the prices of the same kind of auto parts are different, some people always like to buy cheaper products. The purchase destination should be determined based on the function of the physical object and the price, and the price factor should be considered on the basis of quality, and the price should be compared under the premise of the same quality.

If the unit price of a product from one factory is RMB 10, and the unit price of the same product from another company is RMB 9, the direct cost difference is 10, which is a considerable number. Even if the spread is 1, it shouldn’t be underestimated, the cumulative number will be bigger. transportation. Mainly consider the mode of transportation, transportation distance, and convenience. The mode of transportation refers to road transportation, railway transportation, water transportation, air transportation, etc. From the factory to the user, there are several modes of transportation, from which the cost is *saving, and the time is *shortest. The mode of transportation, distance, and convenience should be considered comprehensively.

Transportation issues should focus on transportation costs and transportation time. The transportation time includes: one is to ensure the supply, and the other is the speed of capital turnover. Delivery status. In order purchase, the form of contract is generally adopted. The delivery status refers to the execution status of the contract by the manufacturer. Supply work is based on ensuring supply, and delivery conditions must be considered as an important factor. Manufacturers that do not execute the contract at all will not be included in the selection. The performance of the contract is evaluated according to the percentage of the number of signed contracts and the number of executed contracts.

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