Buy plastic foldable crate

If you want to buy plastic foldable crate, pls don’t hesitate to come to Sino Holdings Group.
China HOLDINGS GROUP offer various series foldable crate, before we make mass production, our R&D department do many testing and improvement to reach the best quality. Such as dropping testing, we drop the crate from different height and different angle, now we can ensure the crate will not break and the lock won’t loosen after dropping to floor. So you don’t need to wrong about the strength of our crate. On the other hand, to ensure the crate strength, we improve the design of the crate to decrease the crate weight, our crate is about 700g, while with the same capacity, other supplier make the crate with around 900g, that’s why our crate price is much competitive compare to other supplier.


Anyway, if you are planning to buy such kind plastic folding crate, just write me e-mail, I will offer as much and detail information as I can.


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