Be affirmed!Turkey plans to sell 1 million Huawei HMS phones

Uganda’s national news network NTV reported that Turkish telecommunications giant Turkcell is currently signing an agreement with Huawei to use the Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) ecosystem to provide services to its customers.


Be affirmed!Turkey plans to sell 1 million Huawei HMS phones

The Turkish telecommunications company Turkcell is a domestic telecommunications giant in Turkey. At present, the Turkish telecommunications company Turkcell also plans to sell 1 million mobile phones with built-in Huawei HMS applications. At the same time as the terms of cooperation, Huawei HMS will be built into nearly 30 smart phone applications and will be available in local stores and online channels in early April this year.

In May of last year, due to some force majeure reasons, Huawei was forbidden to cooperate with Google. Therefore, although Huawei Mate30Pro is a flagship phone, the foreign version does not use Google Mobile Services (GMS), which is undoubtedly an issue for Huawei’s overseas sales. bad thing.


Therefore, in response to the lack of GMS, Huawei began to launch its own HMS service and AppGallery store. The latest Huawei HMS 4.0 introduces the Huawei Mobile Service Core (HMS Core). In addition to basic services, it also launches functions such as maps, location, and security.

In 2019, Huawei still achieved a year-on-year growth of 18% under tremendous pressure. It is believed that Huawei’s performance is expected to accelerate this year.

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