Automotive RTOS gets power-fail data security

Automotive RTOS gets power-fail data security

“As data becomes increasingly significant in monitoring and managing vehicle safety, the requirements on data-handling are more stringent than ever before,” according to Tokyo-based eSol. “From security concerns and edge-storage limitations to flash storage lifetime and reliability, the rise of data-driven technologies continues to set new demands on automotive storage.”

eMCOS is a scalable RTOS for multi-core embedded systems with a distributed microkernel architecture and what the company describes as a proprietary “semi-priority-based” scheduling algorithm for real-time use. It is developed in compliance with the ISO 26262 functional safety standard for road vehicles.

Reliance for eMCOS is a POSIX-compliant transactional file system intended to ensure that data is always in a known-good state, even if an unexpected power loss or system crash occurs.

Power fail-safety from Tuxera’s file system was a key consideration in integrating it with eMCOS and the file systems’ mount times and consistent I/O throughput match it to eMCOS, said eSol. The partnership allows eSOL to focus on the core RTOS development and functional safety, while Tuxera manages the platform’s critical data storage needs.

“Together, we’re making sure that software-driven vehicles can handle the massive amount of sensor data pouring in. This partnership allows the development of even more data-driven applications for the automotive market,” said Helsinki-based Tuxera’s CEO Tuukka Ahoniemi.

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