Attention! Stainless steel supply and demand meet a new pattern

Attention! Stainless steel supply and demand meet a new pattern




Although there is a bright spot in the downstream demand growth of stainless steel, the core downstream demand has slowed down significantly, resulting in low growth in overall stainless steel demand.

The highlights of stainless steel demand are mainly in the three major areas of infrastructure construction, environmental protection facilities and new demand for stainless steel.


1、In 2019, the state is still quite strong in infrastructure construction. The demand for carbon steel is quite obvious, but the stimulation of stainless steel demand is not obvious. The main reason is that stainless steel and infrastructure construction are common, only for the downstream demand track of stainless steel. The transportation industry, some architectural decoration industries, water treatment facilities and pipe networks, and small-part products industries have certain support.

2、As the country and people pay more and more attention to environmental protection, environmental protection facilities and equipment show certain bright spots, but the overall volume is small, and the overall demand for boosting is not obvious.

3、In recent years, the living standard has improved rapidly, and some new stainless steel demand has also emerged, but it is still in the cultivation period, and the overall demand for stainless steel is not obvious.



The downstream demand of stainless steel cores has slowed down markedly. The main major impacts are real estate, automobiles and downstream exports.

1、Real estate has a strong correlation with stainless steel, close to 50% of the volume, such as washing appliances, kitchen appliances, small appliances, refrigeration equipment, elevators, sinks, pots, kitchen utensils, surface decoration, etc. Stainless steel downstream industry and real estate The development is closely related. Real estate has experienced a sluggish trend since 2018, and it has not improved significantly so far, resulting in low growth in demand for stainless steel.

2、In 2018, the automobile industry experienced the first negative growth in production and sales in 28 years, resulting in a historic retrogression in the demand for stainless steel in the automotive industry.

3、The trade war between China and the USA began in March 2018. In 2018, orders for 10 industries with strong downstream exports of stainless steel declined, and there is no sign of improvement so far. Even if the trade war between China and the United States eases, there will be a lag of more than half a year before the growth trend can be restored.


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