Analysis of auto parts marketing structure

At present, the overall situation of our auto parts sales system is: auto sales increase, and the amount of platinum accessories decreases; the absolute value of total picks increases, and economic benefits decrease; the demand for auto repair parts increases, and the market share decreases. In addition to the reasons for the institutional soil, it is the aging of the accessories marketing structure, the development of too few new models, the lack of specifications of the marketable models, and the poor quality of some models that cannot meet the needs of the market. Although the amount of platinum in automobiles has increased substantially in the past two years, auto parts companies still rely on spare parts to make profits. Some people say: “The amount of money depends on cars. Actual profits depend on spare parts.” There is some truth to this. One is that accessories are the foundation, and the amount of diamonds over the years has a significant proportion; second, from the perspective of gross profit margin, car sales are generally 5% to 6%, while accessories are generally more than 18%. In the meantime, the gross profit ratio is very different. As the main channel company, if the amount of accessories drills decreases year by year, it means that profits are declining exponentially.

From the overall analysis, the sales of automobiles and motorcycles of various companies have increased rapidly. The proportion of the nation’s net sales of automobiles to the total net sales of commodities rose from about 20% in 1985 to 46% in 1991. This is a great achievement. However, accessories companies should still expand sales in the competition and increase market share based on accessories. In the period of rising car sales, this position must not be lost. Therefore, we must vigorously step up the adjustment of the model structure, and change the status quo of “old, slow, and few” (ie: old model types, slow structural adjustments, and few new car accessories) in the varieties of our operating parts. The structural contradiction of the demand for accessories is prominent. Due to the long-term influence of “heavy supporting and repairing”, the “scattered, chaotic, and poor” production of auto repair parts are the main reasons for the “old, slow, and low” operation of the parts of the auto sales system.

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