ams and Osram join forces with ROLEDS to help national stadiums create smart lighting solutions

[Introduction]China, March 1, 2022 – ams and Osram (SIX: AMS), a global leader in optical solutions, is currently providing global smart IoT solutions with urban smart lighting as its core. Lattice expands cooperation to provide efficient, reliable and sustainable lighting solutions for smart city lighting solutions. Recently, in the smart lighting upgrade of large-scale national gymnasiums, ROLEDS adopted the high-standard LED products of ams, Osram OSLON SSL and DURIS S5 series. Through the world’s leading digital light and color system, the opening and closing ceremonies of large-scale sports games were based on technological innovation. Presenting a smart color visual experience.

● ams OSLON SSL and DURIS series LED products provide efficient, reliable and sustainable smart city lighting solutions;

● ROLEDS uses high-standard LED products from ams and Osram to help large-scale national gymnasiums realize customized smart lighting upgrades;

● Powerful performance, compact size, long service life and stunning color performance, presenting an excellent visual experience for large-scale opening and closing ceremonies and events.

At present, the lighting solutions of modern buildings pay more and more attention to energy saving, low carbon, high efficiency, reliability and humanization. In large national-level stadiums, advanced smart lighting solutions bring a better visual experience to opening and closing ceremonies and sports events. As an overall solution provider for urban smart lighting, ROLEDS provides tailor-made and exclusive smart lighting overall solutions for the overall improvement project of the stadium with advanced innovative technology, international high-quality products and professional technical services. ROLEDS uses ams and Osram’s OSLON SSL red/yellow/white LED lamp bead portfolio as well as the DURIS S5 series.

Wang Wenlong, head of technology at ROLEDS, said: “We adhere to the high standards and high requirements for the construction of national-level sports event venues, and create high-standard smart lighting solutions around the concept of green, smart and human-friendly venues. LED series products with small size and long service life have become our excellent choice. At the same time, based on our own professional research on smart colors, through innovative anti-glare design and customized exclusive color system for the appearance of the lamp body, we present a rich and exciting visual experience for the event. “

The ams Osram OSLON SSL product range offers a new and innovative way to maximize the efficiency of lighting products. Their beam angles are particularly suitable for use with lenses and reflectors. This revolutionary feature combines The wide range of color temperature and color rendering index opens up new possibilities for cost-effective, sustainable lighting solutions.

Jiang Chao, head of lighting business sales at ams Osram China, said: “ams Osram’s high-standard LED products achieve the high luminous efficacy required for professional indoor and outdoor lighting applications. With ceramic packaging and the latest chip supply, corrosion resistance , high reliability, perfectly solve the needs of long-life applications, suitable for commercial lighting, outdoor lighting, etc.”

ams Osram has long been a leader in smart city lighting solutions. OSLON SSL product portfolio, single power 1-3W, compact package (3.0mm × 3.0mm); two beam angles of 80° and 150° available; extremely low thermal resistance; full color temperature and multiple color rendering indices; 3.7 The low thermal resistance of K/W can effectively reduce the system cost; it can still maintain high light efficiency maintenance rate under higher current; the products of the same level have better performance.

At the same time, the DURIS S5 series includes various white and color light versions. Mid-power LED lamp beads, with excellent efficiency and small size, bring greater flexibility and versatility to a wide range of manufacturers and designers. The DURIS S5 white version is extremely flexible in terms of forward voltage and luminous flux and maintains a long lifetime even at high temperatures. The DURIS S5 RGB uses the latest color LED components from ams and Osram. The luminescent material of the desired color is added to the package, so it covers a wider spectral range and more colors than ordinary color LEDs. Soft, with high brightness, low heat loss, and good red, green and blue voltage consistency, not only can it provide higher reliability for intelligent lighting, but also bring more convenience to lighting design.

ams and Osram join forces with ROLEDS to help national stadiums create smart lighting solutions

OSLON SSL products are supplied in ceramic packages and the latest chips, with corrosion resistance and high reliability, which perfectly solve the needs of long-life applications, suitable for commercial lighting, outdoor lighting, etc. (Photo: ams Osram)

ams and Osram join forces with ROLEDS to help national stadiums create smart lighting solutions

The DURIS S5 white version is extremely flexible and maintains a long life even at high temperatures (Photo: ams Osram)

ams and Osram join forces with ROLEDS to help national stadiums create smart lighting solutions

ROLEDS uses ams Osram LED series products to tailor an exclusive smart lighting overall solution for the renovation and upgrading of large stadiums (Photo: ROLEDS)

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Hangzhou ROLEDS Technology Co., Ltd. is a global smart IoT solution provider with urban smart lighting as the core. It is well-known at home and abroad for its innovative technology, smart products and good services. Its products have served more than 1,000 people around the world. customers, and its performance is at the forefront of the industry.

The company takes the smart city SAAS ecological platform as the core, and builds an “integrated full-scenario city smart service platform” based on the needs of smart urban construction such as smart roads, smart cultural tourism, smart lighting, and smart operation and maintenance. Eight branches and 19 technical service centers have been established in China. The international technical service network covers Asia, Southeast Asia, Europe, the Middle East, North America, Australia and other regions, providing efficient and professional technical service support. For more information, visit

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