Aluminum Die Casting Mold Standards Of The Five Standards

Aluminum die casting is the use of mechanical equipment will be liquid aluminum alloy into a permanent steel mold, the cooling molding after the mold, can be repeated and efficient production. With high efficiency, high precision, good surface quality, follow-up processing simple features.
Relevant personage said, aluminum die casting mold in the factory before the test, in line with qualified standards can be put into use, the specific criteria are:First, the aluminum die casting molds in the chemical composition test methods, inspection standards and re-inspection must meet the GB / T15115 standards. The chemical composition of the sample product can be used from the die casting to meet the requirements of GB / T15115; mechanical properties in the mechanical characteristics of the detection method, the number of tests and the detection of the specification must meet the requirements of GB / T15115.Second, the use of aluminum die casting mold sample products, cutting the size of parts, test test style to be discussed and decided.Third, the geometric pattern of die-casting test can be tested by large-scale sample or GB2828, GB2829 standard test, the test results must meet the specification.Fourth, aluminum die casting quality of the factory inspection must be a one of the test, the test results must meet the needs of this standard.Fifth, the roughness of aluminum die casting mold appearance according to GB / T6060.1 standard implementation.
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