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Fully automated production of mask body machine, including feeding, plastic strip aluminum strip insertion/shortening, scene selection, ultrasonic fusion, slicing, etc. The entire process is automated. The output is extremely high, and it can produce 1-200 pieces per minute. The main power frequency conversion speed regulation can be fast or slow. Different materials can be used to produce different masks. The products have two layers and three layers, and the product quality is stable, easy to operate, low noise and small footprint. Applicable material: spunbond filament non-woven fabric, 16-30 g/m², suitable for processing disposable masksn95 cup mask machineHot press molding: the mask material (non-woven fabric) is molded with the form of overheating (cup-shaped). 1. Including automatic return action and feeding rack; 2. One piece of four masks is formed each time.Slicing: Used to make the outer layer (protective layer) of cup-shaped masks. Special alloy steel material makes the flower wheel, the knife edge is wear-resistant and the long-life product is eccentrically adjusted, flexible, fast, and high-level. Utilizes ultrasonic and special steel Wheel processing, does not damage the edge of the cloth, does not need preheating when manufacturing without burrs, and can be operated continuouslyEdge pressing: Laminate the inside and outside of the maskEdge trimming: Use pneumatic punching to cut off the excess edges of the mask.Breathing valve welding: welding mask breathing valveWelding area: 130mmSpeed: 20-30 pcs/minThe integrated structure of the fuselage adopts safe adjustment scale control; intelligent computer control with an accuracy of up to one thousandth of a second; mold level adjustment, the fuselage motor automatically rises and falls, and the base level is adjusted.Ear band spot welding machine: Speed: 8-12 pieces/min. It can be used for welding flat, inner ear band/outer ear band, standard mask, duckbill and other special-shaped masks. After the mask body is made, manually weld the ear straps
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