Air cleaning, cooling system produces 360-degree air stream

Exair’s stainless steel Super Air Wipe™ system produces a 360-degree air stream that can blow off, dry, clean, and cool material passing through the center. The split design can be clamped around continuously moving material such as pipe, hose, cable, wire, and extruded shapes. The stainless steel construction is suitable for corrosive and high-temperature applications.

The system ejects a small amount of compressed air through a thin, slotted nozzle that pulls in high volumes of surrounding room air. The airflow ejects uniformly from the 360 degrees of its inner diameter. Air velocity can be varied with instant on/off control. Coupling brackets that hold each half of the system can be latched together or removed quickly. Operators can install additional shims more blow-off force is required.

The systems are available in diameters of 1/2 in., 1 in., 2 in., 3 in., and 4 in. Applications include wiping wire; drying inks, paint, and screen printing; cooling hot extruded shapes; and blow-off of water, plating, coatings, and dust.

For more information, visit the Exair Corp. showroom.

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