Additives Raise Melt Strength And Toughness of PLA

Three new additives are designed to improve melt strength, clarity, and recyclability of PLA (polylactic acid) biopolymer. The Biostrength family of additives was launched at the K 2007 show by the French parent of Arkema, Inc., Philadelphia. Biostrength 700 is a melt-strength enhancer said to substantially broaden the processing window of PLA for extrusion and thermorming while maintaining optical clarity. It also improves processability of PLA for calendering, blow molding, and foams, Arkema says. By raising melt strength, this additive reportedly allows use of higher levels of recycled PLA while obtaining better retention of physical properties. Biostrength 130 and 150 are “core-shell” type impact modifiers for PLA. Grade 130 is for translucent or clear applications, while 150 is a higher efficiency modifier for opaque applications. Both are said to provide good impact properties at -20 C (-4 F). (800) 225-7788 *

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