Additive Silicone Rubber Is Widely Used!

Addition reaction vulcanized liquid silicone rubber is often used in filling sealing and other applications to play the protection functions of moisture, heat resistance, insulation and shock absorption. Gel silicone rubber is mainly used for encapsulation of microelectronic components, packaging of sensors and distributors, etc.

Among them, reinforced silicone rubber can be used to process high-grade silicone rubber keyboard and cable accessories. Transparent silicone rubber is used for filling packaging of microelectronic devices or electronic components. Since vulcanized silicone rubber is transparent, it can directly observe the internal structural operation of silicone rubber package, which is convenient for inspection or replacement. Transparent silicone rubber can also be used in the encapsulation of bulletproof glass interlayer, flexible Fresnel lens and other silicone rubber products used in optical field.

With the development of technology and technology, the application range of additive liquid silica gel in various fields is expanding, and it is used in all kinds of silicone products.

In addition, the vinyl terminated silicone oil used for transparent liquid silicone rubber base polymer must be completely excluded, so as to avoid the influence on the heat resistance of silicone rubber due to the possible degradation of silicone hydroxyl terminated polymer at elevated temperature; the elimination of silicon hydroxyl group can also ensure the platinum catalyzed addition of silicon vinyl and silicon hydrogen The side reaction of condensation and dehydrogenation of silicon hydrogen and silicon hydroxyl group can be avoided so as to eliminate the influence of hydrogen component on the light transmission performance of silicone rubber.

Additive Silicone Rubber Is Widely Used!Additive Silicone Rubber Is Widely Used!

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