650V and 1.2kV SiC FETs in D2PAK-7L

650V and 1.2kV SiC FETs in D2PAK-7L

“The D2PAK-7L SiC FETs [have] a Kelvin source connection improving gate drive return performance,” according to the company. “Through the utilisation of silver sintering, die attachments can be done on conventional PCBs as well as complex insulated metal substrate arrangements. In addition, they exhibit creepage and clearance figures of 6.7mm and 6.1mm respectively.”

The company’s on-line ‘FET-Jet Calculator’ is available to make performance comparisons.

Applications are foreseen in server and telecom power supplies, industrial battery chargers and power supplies, electric vehicle on-board chargers and dc-dc converters.

The product pages are:


  • UF3C065080B7S
  • UF3C065040B7S
  • UF3SC065030B7S


  • UF3C120150B7S
  • UF3C120080B7S
  • UF3SC120040B7S

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