2020 Covid-19 pushes 4G and 5G cellular PC shipments to new highs

The latest research report “Laptop Cellular Connectivity Shipments and Market Inventory Forecast” released by Strategy Analytics’ Connected Computing Device Service states that due to the closure of many office facilities during the COVID-19 outbreak, employees working from home continue to seek to improve device connectivity. Therefore, Global shipments of cellular-enabled mobile PCs rose 70% in 2020 to reach 10.1 million for the first time, the highest annual shipments ever. North America accounted for nearly half of global 3G, 4G and 5G PC shipments, with Europe and Asia Pacific accounting for 45%. There are currently more than 26 million cellular-enabled PCs in use worldwide and have grown by 25 percent in twelve months.

While 4G/LTE-enabled PCs dominate the market in 2020 – accounting for 97% of total cellular mobile PC shipments – 5G laptop launches in 2021 will show greater diversity in price points, form factors and vendor engagement sex. Strategy Analytics predicts that the 5G-enabled PC market share will reach 69% in 2025. The report noted that this growth will depend on the success of 5G adoption to consumers by manufacturers, operators and retailers.

Chirag Upadhyay, Industry Analyst at Strategy Analytics, said, “To understand what the new pricing plans will look like in a 5G world, stakeholders must take a holistic view of consumers – where and for what devices they use them. Purpose. In the enterprise space, manufacturers, carriers and resellers must be able to explain how connected laptops can help companies save money and how connected laptops can reduce security breaches compared to mobile hotspots and dongles.”

Eric Smith, Director of Connected Computing Devices at Strategy Analytics, added: “We see this as a ‘when’ question, not a ‘if’ question. Cellular laptops will become more commonplace over the next decade, but when The key to making this happen is how industry players can spread this idea to consumers. Manufacturers, operators and retailers need to better understand how to educate consumers in the cellular segment so they can better understand How consumers will choose cellular plans.”

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