2013-10-18 11:56 Engraving machine industry development constraints

2013-10-18 11:56Engraving machine industry development constraints

Nearly two years , CNC machinery industry enterprises plant expansion , equipment purchase into a huge number of companies have sprung up engraving machine , resulting in some conventional woodworking engraving machine, stone engraving machine rapid expansion of production capacity , but most enterprises in the development only attach importance to the expansion of production rather than focus on quality improvement , resulting in a vicious cycle of the industry , although the expansion of enterprise scale , but the technological upgrading of products is not obvious, the identical product mix , low-grade mechanical overcapacity problem is very serious . And due to the impact of economic development, the environment , industry, major economic indicators but declined to run , new orders decreased , production and sales levels fall, funds used up , a lot of idle manufacturing resources and supply and demand become more prominent , resulting in a market competition further intensified.

In addition, many engraving machine companies now in the core R & D capabilities and product design level, precision, quality , performance and other aspects of doing is not enough , the current development of the industry has been unable to meet the actual needs of the market needed some high-end cnc machine tools such as machining centers, ATC engraving machine, five-axis machines, but many high-end CNC equipment is mainly dependent on imports , on the whole lack of commitment to provide a complete solution or a more complex general contracting projects , product quality stability and reliability with not be reached.
Of course, as more and more companies recognize the next step of this, coupled with the industry still faces relatively good development opportunities , engraving machine industry will be able to break through the bottleneck , to overcome the impact of constraints , to achieve faster and more industries good development .

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