2013-09-28 15:00 CNC machinery manufacturing industry development pattern

2013-09-28 15:00CNC machinery manufacturing industry development pattern

With the development of the industry, regional development differences have further strengthened the trend, geographic clearer division of labor, industrial development hotspots will continue to emerge, industrial layout will further show regional characteristics, as in the growth stage of the emerging industry, the layout is still not stable, will spread further.

Engraving machine manufacturing industry has taken shape in the Bohai Sea, Yangtze River Delta as the core, the rapid development of the industrial Midwest spatial pattern, northeast, central Hunan, Jiangxi and southern China’s Pearl River Delta region has also showed significant industrial agglomeration characteristics. CNC cutting machine industry agglomeration trend highlighted. From a regional division of labor perspective, CNC cutting machine manufacturing industry, regional development have been strengthened, clearer division of labor. Bohai Sea region is an important domestic CNC cutting machine R & D, design and manufacturing base, which Beijing is the country’s aviation, satellite, cnc machine tools and other industries R & D center, Liaoning, Shandong and Hebei, relying on its maritime advantages, on the basis of the original equipment industry has gradually developed into a marine engineering equipment, numerical control machine tools and rail transportation equipment industry gathering area. The Yangtze River Delta region has taken shape, including research and development, design, manufacture, including a more complete equipment manufacturing industry chain in the aviation, marine engineering, intelligent manufacturing equipment field features more prominent. Sichuan and Hunan in central and western regions as the central focus of the development of aviation and aerospace, rail transportation equipment and intelligent manufacturing equipment.
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