2013-08-15 11:09 Innovation to promote the development of CNC machinery

2013-08-15 11:09Innovation to promote the development of CNC machinery

Rapid growth in the manufacturing sector, boosting the demand for Cnc Engraving Machine, and promote the industry’s technological progress, but in some important aspects of the high-end CNC technology is still restrained, so that high-end CNC equipment is still necessary to overcome the difficulties. Current market demand for CNC engraving machine has a single Turning diversification, low-end Chinese and steering high-end, which means engraving machine manufacturer must sync with the market, to high-end manufacturing enterprise forward, continue to promote sustained and healthy development of enterprises.

Jinan River CNC is a set CNC engraving machine design, development, manufacturing and sales of high-tech enterprises, is the field of CNC engraving machine is very competitive modern enterprise since its inception in 2005, the company is committed to the development of and production of high-end cnc machine as the goal, vigorously implement technological innovation, promote the adjustment of product structure, to avoid blind expansion of low-grade, general production, accelerate economic engraving machine to upgrade the pace and focus on developing high-end CNC engraving machines and production lines, enhance product innovation and R & D and improve product quality and service levels. Through many years of product structure to make reasonable adjustments in technology, production, management and other aspects of innovation and upgrading, innovation engraving machine products continue to emerge, the company’s core competitiveness has improved significantly, to achieve leapfrog development of the enterprise.

Today, rivers CNC engraving machine market has become highly popular with customers trust the leading brand in the bigger, stronger wood engraving machine, stone engraving machine and other traditional conventional machines at the same time, in the heavy, super heavy-duty CNC engraving machine research and development of a major breakthrough, five-axis Cnc Machining centers, CNC horizontal boring lathe super-heavy reached the international advanced level and a number of high-end CNC machine successfully developed, become involved in this field, one of the few, with its highly stable product advantage, and gradually emerge in the international market, the market share continues to increase.

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