2013-08-05 14:09 Engraving machine industry to meet new challenges

2013-08-05 14:09Engraving machine industry to meet new challenges

After decades of exploration and development, engraving machine industry has achieved rapid growth and is also faced with the next step when better opportunities for development, but the development of the industry itself, woodworking engraving machine, stone engraving machine industry is still faced with the many new challenges that require the industry to face and overcome enterprise zones.

From the international environment, SMEs are suffering from the global "re-industrialization" under the new challenges, the international financial crisis, the United States and Europe recognized the need to change the old "debt-driven" growth model, a strong desire to return to the real economy. "re-industrialization "thinking prevalent in the United States and Europe, but also small and medium enterprises to become the United States and Europe," re-industrialization "strategy implemented major economic carrier. The international financial crisis, the United States in the past a large number of industrial production processes to move offshore, "de-industrialization" into the current "re-industrialization" policy adjustments, this trend led to technological innovation, industrial innovation and industrialization of the commanding heights of global competition will be more intense.

From the industry itself, there are also many problems, the more prominent is the rapid expansion of production capacity led to irrational industrial structure, the overall level of equipment with foreign big gap in the core R & D capabilities and product design level, accuracy, quality, performance, etc. respects with foreign advanced level there is a big gap, the prevalence of weak, inadequate investment in technological innovation, the introduction of digestion and absorption ability, capacity for independent innovation is not high, the lack of excellent technical personnel and other issues.

Jinan River CNC numerical control equipment industry as an outstanding representative, firmly grasp the rapid development of numerical control equipment industry a good opportunity to overcome the constraints of factors, actively respond to new challenges, and constantly strict quality management, improve product service system to provide customers with more perfect services, efforts to produce first-class products, first-class building modern enterprise!

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