2011-02-25 23:38 Increased demand for woodworking machinery

2011-02-25 23:38Increased demand for woodworking machinery

Woodworking machines, mainly from the original wood saw profile control to be processed into wood products used in the process of cutting apparatus. Mainly used in construction, furniture and doors and other manufacturing sectors. Woodworking machines can be divided into woodworking saw, woodworking drill press, wood lathe, wood Milling Machine, woodworking drill press, mortising machine, mortising slot machines, woodworking sanding machines, as well as repair and sharpening of woodworking machinery and other auxiliary equipment.

Woodworking machines because it is cutting apparatus, the original wood saw Generative into wood products play a crucial role. One can imagine that saw woodworking machine wood products into the profile control if the shape of subject matter, will cause not pretty, sliding doors, particularly in furniture, wooden doors cause, allow enterprises have accumulated a lot of original talent, to bring to the enterprise need to be made of economic losses.

First, the cause of woodworking machinery Overview

National woodworking machines from scratch, from small to big, from weak to strong, and gradually formed once the cause of a complete system. At present, about 1,200 national fertility enterprises, with a specific size of 200 homes for the internal and external. 100,000 employees, the engineering and technical personnel within the six thousand people, total industrial value 10.0 billion to the user able to be around more than 1500 kinds of goods, may be required plywood, Blockboard, set and promising, fibreboard, particleboard, medium density board, wood shavings molded products, plywood, gorgeous plates, Polychrome plates, furniture, solid wood doors and floors, all kinds of wood products such as complete sets of equipment. Their reproductive business, employees and the needs of species such as complete sets of equipment. Their reproductive business, employees and the needs of the species is the world’s highest, has become deputy is renamed the reproductive powers of woodworking machines.

The cause of its woodworking machinery was "vigorously" layout. One: State-owned enterprises. Large-scale enterprises, historical long, movable strong technical foundations of good, in order to birth large, small appliances and fertility-line oriented, with strong capabilities, such as the several enterprises under the former Ministry of Forestry and the Shanghai Artificial Board Machinery Factory. Second: township enterprises. To manage flexible mechanism, production, supply, marketing, human, financial, and material scope of autonomy and many other large, their goods cheap and empty promises, low technical content, structure simple, flexible and able to supply and marketing development, such as woodworking machinery plant in Yingkou, Yingkou workers and other economies. Third: the private, joint ventures, sole proprietorships. In a variety of economic factors, characterized by the coexistence of the world’s doctrine of the market economy, for their survival and development has created a vast period of time. Enterprises are small, pairs of the market adaptability, with reproductive flexibility and plasticity of large, live strong, quick to absorb the world’s latest technological achievements, experience and information on the world wide recruit skilled, open to change rapidly, and accumulated a small, effective, new structural , that is, subjected to "policy" nor a "parcel" is developing rapidly. Markov woodworking machines, such as South China Factory, Yantai power, Taiwan’s Taichung Machinery Company.

In recent years, the favorable policy of the Taiwan region and land inexpensive work force, the original talents to promote Taiwan’s woodworking machinery business, parting in Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou, Guangdong, Dalian plant. Taiwan’s woodworking machinery access to the land-based wood-working machinery has played a catalytic bomb use, but also lengthen the cause of woodworking machinery with the land-based competition.

2, woodworking machinery business is facing the main theme

1, the goods poor technological innovation is the subject of the cause of a fatal. Some businesses here to take over from others, or information on a buy it Lianren Dai, Chi Xianfan. "Once look like" caused the whole cause of the goods of the same structure, homogenization, so changes in the value of the root causes of war intensified.

2, the low quality of the goods horizontal devices, is the cause of a prominent theme. Isomorphism of, changes in the value of competition, homogenization of the root causes of the formation of low-cost sliding gate, low capital, also counter-productive to quality, causing cargo security, validity, precision, etc. to maintain the quality of subject matter decline.

3, varieties, lack of features, the market share is low, is the cause of the potential subjects. Many enterprises in the Variety on the go large and small and complete development path of goods, would like to pack a lack of revolutionary features, the market share is too low, the risk of great harm would be fatal.

4, the market ditches poor, is the cause of difficult. The theme of the role of the vacancy formation and agents, or dislocation, with manufacturers quick success of the marketing ploy, and the lack of or disregard for the law of the market economy are more closely linked to the development of the whole formation is in the original constraints.

5, Junjie flow of job-hopping, is the cause of universal themes. Fluctuations caused by workers thinking about this subject, "living in the Han Cao Ying heart." Junjie loss, technology and information have been compromised outflow, causing a series of vicious competition flowering, the enterprise is very lethal experience is heavy

A wide variety of goods because of woodworking machinery, machine goods, specialized reproductive imperative. The companies play to their strengths, choose the right goods, are doing "fine", so "specialized" We should. PRD-shaped, long triangular, Shandong Peninsula appeared in succession, a woodworking machine-made factory goods *. If sanding machine from the quality and cost-effective point of view, 1000 in Qingdao Co., Ltd. Sichuan Wood apparatus, "1000 River" brand, Qingdao built-ho, a higher share of the market such as a new driving force, at present in China, Shandong Linyi, Heze, Jiangsu Pizhou, Zhejiang Jiashan, Nanxun, Putian, Fujian, Guangxi, Sichuan and other wood processing a large number of the distribution of dense regions.

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