110mm PVC Pipe Fitting Moulds

PVC pipe fitting moulds has many kinds, like 110mm elbow pipe fitting moulds, 4″ Tee PVC pipe fitting moulds etc. Sinomold had made more than 50 sets 110mm PVC pipe fitting moulds last year.

Two months ago, Sinomould started to make a 4 cavity 110mm PVC pipe fitting mould which is for one customer from Middle America,who is one of the biggest PVC pipe fitting manufacturers in the world. As we know, PVC material flow is not easy,so normally, PVC fitting moulds making company make the moulds with cold runner edge gate, especially for 110mm PVC pipe fitting moulds.With Sinomold team hard working,this 4 cavity 110mm elbow PVC pipe fitting moulds has successfully tested with submarine gate.We believe that it will help this customers save a lot of cost during the production in the future.

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